In the marina Mandalina in Šibenik, Croatia, on pier "A".

‍ In the immediate vicinity there is also our office "EKVATOR YACHTING", where you can arrange all the necessary documents for your cruise.
The Ekvator Yachting team speaks Czech, English, German and Croatian.In case of need, please contact the client service at +420736242411

‍ Before you leave on your holiday, set up your navigation by entering this page into your browser: here

‍ ‍Navigation will lead you to the Marina gate where you will take your parking ticket. You can park in this car park for the whole duration of your cruise for 15€/day.

‍ Check-in is generally at 5 pm. If you require "early check-in", please contact us.

‍ Marina Mandalina is a modern marina packed with everything you need to start your holiday. Here you will find the luxury "hotel" D-Resort with a luxury restaurant and bar, pool bar, pizzeria but also a grocery store. The marina has showers and bathrooms with washing machine and clothes dryer.

‍ The historic centre of Šibenik is approximately 3km from the marina. A water taxi (€5/person), located at Pier D, or a car taxi (€7/car) can bring you closer.


The catamaran has one big advantage, the kitchen is on the same level as the outdoor seating area, so it is beautifully accessible as well as spacious.

The kitchen includes a refrigerator, stove, oven and sink with fresh water supply. The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking and dining.

There are several grocery stores in town, as well as large shopping centers such as Interspar, Lidl, etc., where you can buy fresh ingredients just before setting sail.
Ironically, the most often forgotten are the basics: salt, sugar, pepper, oil, vinegar, dishwashing liquid or bin liners. Even in the marina there is still a small shop next to the Volaria restaurant where you can buy the things you have forgotten.

Take a look at our video tour of the entire catamaran. We filmed, showed and explained everything.


A holiday on a yacht is a holiday by the sea, so pack your swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen as you would for a normal holiday. I always pack a long-sleeved shirt made of quick-drying material, either against the wind or, conversely, against sunburn.

The weather at sea is unpredictable, so definitely pack a windbreaker and head protection (some people opt for hats, others for caps) on board a yacht you usually go without shoes if the weather permits. In case you need shoes, keep them packed with white soles so you don't leave smudges. Bring enough cash for buoy fees, shopping at small markets, or simply tips at restaurants. Don't rely on the fact that everywhere accepts credit cards.

Don't neglect to prepare a first aid kit. I've been through the search for emergency supplies within 10 nm myself. In case of allergies, especially to the sun, be prepared and have a backup solution just in case. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt to pack medicine for seasickness, diarrhea, fever, sore throat...


In the first place, we will say that children can sail on board from birth. I have several friends who confirm this rule. But it's a bit extreme. And not everyone is looking for extremes. It's easier to go on a boat before the child learns to walk. He is safe in his crib or cabin and his attention demands are not the same as a child who has barely learned to balance and is climbing on everything in sight.Once the child is running and not in danger of falling every second, it is possible to ease up a bit on the attention and the cruise can be much more enjoyable for everyone.

As far as safety goes, when cruising with small children, it is not a bad idea to have a net installed on the relingues. Safety will be greatly increased. In case you are interested in it, feel free to write to us about it so that we can install it on your yacht right away. See the price list for a full week's rental.

Life jackets are available on the boat for the entire crew, but in my experience I recommend having your own well-fitting life jacket for your child, ideally with a crotch strap. It should be a distinctive colour so that if you fall overboard it is easy to locate. I also recommend that the vest has an eye for attaching the safety strap. It's not a bad idea to have two vests, as a cold vest can be uncomfortable on the body after swimming and can cause diaper rash.

I have been going on boats with my child since he was 7 months old and I can say from experience that he is essentially in a vest on the boat, he sits in the cockpit during port manoeuvres and he wears a vest in the boat on the way to shore. He takes it automatically and has never had a problem with such rules.

The cruise program should be adjusted to the weakest "link". Small children can't stand long crossings without stopping. So adjust the itinerary so that the longest crossings do not exceed 2 hours. That's the amount of time children can handle before they get bored on board.

As is often the case on land, more children means more time off for parents. One child requires constant parental attention. More children on board will entertain themselves. Don't be afraid to take a boatload of kids. If they follow basic safety guidelines, which is up to you, you'll all enjoy the cruise.
Teach your kids to enjoy the same fun that you enjoy. This will come in handy in the future. 😌


The catamaran has one bathroom shared with a toilet and a fresh, hot water shower. There are two fresh water tanks on the yacht, each holding 150 litres. Don't be the ones who shower for 20 minutes and use up everyone else's water. The shower should take the necessary time and it is a good idea to turn the shower completely off when washing your hair. The same procedure is recommended when brushing your teeth or washing dishes.

If you run out of water, it is possible to refill it at the marinas, for a fee of course. In the Veruda home marina you can refill for free. The toilet on the catamaran is on automatic flush and yacht toilets in general are prone to clogging with toilet paper. Therefore, the rule is that nothing is thrown in the toilet. Take enough plastic bags with you on the boat to tie up and dispose of toilet paper, toiletries and combed hair there. This will hand you a number of problems.

Each evening with anchoring, if possible, empty all rubbish from the yacht.

Marinas are prepared for this and there are plenty of waste containers everywhere.

One recommendation, take a packet of wet wipes on board.


If you do not have a skipper's exam and are not qualified to lead a sea yacht, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange an experienced skipper for you. This is your holiday and we will listen to your wishes. Everyone expects something different from a holiday. Some seek deserted romantic coves and small island towns that are not normally accessible by car. Some people prefer big historic cities, restaurants, bars. Some people like a little bit of everything.

The captain will make your dreams and ideas come true, taking into account the weather and the possibilities in the area. He will also be happy to recommend which places are the top ones for beautiful snorkeling or where you are likely to see dolphins.

Make the most of your holiday with your skipper.


Sun-warmed deck, splashing waves and watching dolphins. You're anchored in a deserted cove and the crew is about to jump into the crystal waters. Soon you're firing up the grill and enjoying the sunset at sea. These are the most perfect moments that you will never experience on a hotel holiday.

1. You are free and unrestricted
On a boat you are absolutely free and independent. You can go wherever you want, design your own itinerary and be in a different place every day. You can do whatever you want. Sleep on board, swim in a deserted cove, admire the underwater world. Wear a swimsuit all day and indulge in that wonderful feeling of tousled hair.

2. Escape the crowds
Hotels and beaches tend to be crowded and it's hard to find a bit of privacy. It's different on a boat! No pushy trinket vendors, no neighbours and the same crowded beach.

3. You'll discover a new beach and harbour every day
You can spend each day on a new beach and each day you can stay in a different bay. You can discover ancient towns and harbours as you cruise along the coast. You don't have to worry about extra expenses and finding excursions from your hotel. And most importantly, no packing for the beach every day and searching for a free sun lounger. On a yacht, you have everything with you at all times.

4. You'll have loads of adventure and adrenaline
You can have even bigger adventures and get your adrenaline pumping on a yacht. With an experienced skipper, you'll also enjoy a great sail. You'll see happy friends through the veil of water spray and realise that what you're experiencing is what you've dreamed of all your life.

5. Richness under the surface
The underwater world on the high seas and in bays without tourists is incredibly varied and rich. In the Mediterranean you can see pods of dolphins and admire colourful corals, anemones and many colourful fish while snorkelling.


It will come in handy:
+ GLOVES: Working with ropes in harbours is beautiful and looks so easy, but the ropes are covered with various crustaceans that can easily get stuck in your hand.

+ POWERBANK AND CABLES: Charge mobile phones, cameras... You should primarily use the engine or the marina when sailing, otherwise you can easily "knock out" the yacht's battery.
That's why you will appreciate your own power bank. There are 2 USB sockets on the yacht in the captain's cabin, 2 USB in the galley + each cabin has one USB.

+ HEADLAMP: When crossing at night or just when returning to the yacht in the dark, you will appreciate a good light that you can simply put on your head.

+ LADIES: Believe me, you will definitely dry some clothes or towels on board. And there's nothing like securing it properly against the wind. After all, you don't want to see your swimsuit on the flight.

+ SOFT LUGGAGE: Forget packing in hard-shell suitcases. The yacht has storage spaces designed in various crevices and under the couch, so heavy and large suitcases are nowhere to be stowed. Pack in travel bags or looms that also conveniently throw on your back.

Leave at home:
- Hair dryers, hair dryers and similar electronic devices. The yacht's battery will not support such devices. The place you will use a hair dryer is in a paid marina.

- SHOES ON THE BOTTOM: You definitely won't use this type of shoe on a yacht. But you might find them useful at the local disco.